Separì is a system specifically designed to facilitate the management of separate collection in the home, office and school.
The way of understanding the old dustbin changes radically: no longer a foul-smelling accessory to hide, but a refined design object to be used as a piece of furniture.

Separì not only helps to recycle, but it recycles himself, thanks to its characteristics that allow it to be used in different environments and for different purposes.
The polychromy, used to differentiate the baskets, can act as a pedagogical element to educate preschoolers in separate collection.


It shows itself as a complete and modular system consisting of the following colored plastic elements: two or four hole bases, baskets with lid and waste paper basket and other accessories.

The kits can be mounted on wheels or on a trolley and are perfectly compatible with the measures of the modules of the modular kitchens of 30, 45 and 60 centimeters.