We put the customer at the center of everything we do. We have achieved the results expected by all our customers, always striving for continuous improvement. We divulgate, respond and meet the expectations of our customers by offering the best products, technologies and services, meeting high quality standards and combining market rules with the enhancement of human relationships For us, this is a reason of great pride.

Also we are attentive to the safety and health of our employees and respect for and protection of the environment.



Foundation year: 1992
Share capital: 1.444.800 €
Year of activity: 1998
Headquarters: Zona Ind. S. Nicola – MELFI (PZ)
Total surface: 14.000 mq
Covered area: 5.200 mq
Sector: production and marketing of thermoplastic products
Ateco Code: 22.29.09
DUNS: 629 514 860


The Company is committed to revitalization and internationalization in the automotive supply chain, focusing on research and development, also in partnership with other entities. It is part of the Lucano Automotive Cluster and the network contract called the "Melfi automotive network".

The Company has launched an investment program to comply with Industry 4.0 (Manufacturing Digital Transformation) regulations with the acquisition of new technologies that will complement existing ones, digitization process, integrating the collaboration between operator, machines and tools.

The Company will introduce a model of technical and managerial organization of the production activity that increases its flexibility, the quality of the processes and products, the competitiveness and the satisfaction of the specific needs of Our Customers.

Production process

Mold assembly

Dehumidification and granule feeding system

Molding department
with injection presses

Gasketing plant

Assembly Area

Shipping warehouse

Certifications & Ethics Code


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